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N40-A precision whirlwind milling machine is fully automatic machine small precision warms,with the mass machining accuracy up to 5-7 level of  GB/10089-1988 and surface roughness up to Ra0.6. This machine is characterized with  good stability, strong adaptability and simple operation,can achieve production mode of one person and multi machine. 

● The machine is integrated with programmable modules and sample operations.
● Milling instead of grouding,one-step shaping.
● Machining precision is up 5-7 level of the international GB/10089-1988.
● The surface roughness of machining parts is up to Ra0.6. 
● Hold 3 digits after the decimal piont for spiral angle numble.
● Constant teperature filtration and cooling system and oil mist collection system to guarantee satisfactory working environment and       improve machining precision and stability.
● Auto chip removal device,easy operation and user friendly.
● Auto material delivery device, unmanned processing is realized,lost is reduced and effciency is improved.
● Full protection structure design is adopted for machine protection,easy and safe operation.
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