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Zhejiang Yiyang Intelligent Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. Leads "China's Intellectual Creation" with Technological Innovation
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China Yiwu International Equipment Fair opened on November 18th at Zhejiang Yiwu International Expo Center. The exhibition consists of exhibitions, trade talks, and conference forums. There are 3054 international standard booths. There are 15 provinces (regions, cities) and 11 countries and regions including the United States, Germany, Japan, and South Korea. More than 807 exhibitors. With the opportunity to implement the "Made in China 2025" and "Internet +" strategy, the 2016 Expo will focus on the key areas of equipment, highlight the theme of "Intelligence, Green, and Environmental Protection" and focus on the "machine substitution" and modernization of Zhejiang Province. Actively introduce domestic and international first-class equipment and technology and high-tech expert teams, and accelerate the transformation of Zhejiang Province from a "provincial equipment manufacturing province" to a "power equipment manufacturing province."

  ”High-end forum to create "techno feast"

This edition of the Expo will host a series of activities such as the China Smart Manufacturing Industry Summit Forum, the German Industry 4.0 and China Manufacturing 2025 Forum, the China Manufacturing 2025 Innovation Development Forum, and the Intelligent Hardware Forum of the China Smart Manufacturing Industry Summit Forum. Enjoy "Tech Feast". In this “science and technology feast”, many scientific and technological people and university academics and scholars have ushered in. Academicians of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Professor Wang Tongsan, Academician Shen Changxiang, Academician Zhou Shoucing, Academician Tan Jianrong, Executive Vice Chairman of the Chinese Society of Artificial Intelligence Yang Fangchun, and former German Defense Minister Rudolph Shale, who are well-known figures in the industry gathered at the exhibition to jointly dialogue intelligent manufacturing. Sharing new ideas and new technologies in the field of artificial intelligence and smart manufacturing, and providing suggestions and suggestions for the development of Zhejiang manufacturing and even the development of China's smart manufacturing industry, and actively cracking down the puzzles of China's manufacturing of key focus and breakthrough of 2025.

 Science and technology innovation leads "Chinese intelligence"

In this edition of the Expo, leading companies representing domestic and international intelligent manufacturing technologies have exhibited high-level specifications at the exhibition site and exhibited new products and technologies at home and abroad, including industrial robots, service robots, and production and process automation, including current robots. The various fields of production demonstrate the new vitality of "China's intellectual creation." It is worth noting that a large number of innovative companies from China have appeared in this fair. The reporter interviewed a number of smart equipment manufacturing companies, taking Zhejiang Yiyang Intelligent Equipment Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Zhejiang Yiyang Tools Group, as an example. This is a collection of intelligent equipment R&D, production, sales, precision mold design and manufacturing, precision forging, and With the furnace heat treatment, electroplating automatic assembly line as one of the professional manufacturing companies, products are exported to Europe and the United States, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions and more than 20 domestic provinces and cities. The company has passed the most authoritative German GS/VPA and TUV certifications in the world, established a complete ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004, OHSAS1800 Quality/Environment/Occupational Health Management System, and passed the Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency SA8000 Social Responsibility Management System International. Certification. The chairman of the group, Mr. Yang Chunwei, told the reporter that the company has always attached great importance to the development of technological innovation, transformation and upgrading, and made great efforts to cultivate technological strength. The company built a provincial-level enterprise technology center and a high-tech enterprise R&D center, and cooperated with Zhejiang University and The National Engineering Research Center forms a school-enterprise cooperation model. The company won the 2011 Longyou County Government Quality Award and the 2012 Luzhou Municipal Government Quality Award, and was awarded the "2012 Industrial Production Tax Contribution Contribution First Prize" by the Longyou County People's Government. He successively won the title of “Advanced Enterprise for Establishing Harmonious Labor Relations in Zhejiang Province”, “China's Tool Brand Enterprise”, “Integrity Manufacturer of the National Association of Industry and Commerce Hardware and Electromechanical Chamber of Commerce,” and “The 5th Domestic and Foreign Hardware Tools for the Circulation Market Market”. List companies, and other honorary titles.

  In this exhibition, Yiyang Science & Technology brought a group of newly-innovated smart equipment technology innovation products, such as: milling and grinding automatic precision whirlwind milling, automatic positive inverted turning center, 10-station automatic combination machine tool Intelligent balance cranes for people, people, car beam riveters, energy saving full-bridge IGBT furnaces with energy saving of 30%, machine forging automatic feeding systems, and other smart devices. These products are often imported in the past and rely on imports. In the words of Mr. Yang Chunwei, we said that we are replacing China's Zhi Zhi with foreign manufacturing, which not only fills the blank of similar domestic products, but also saves a lot of money for the demanding enterprises.

Today, in the era of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation," we believe that in the future smart equipment industry in our country will emerge more and more outstanding, like Yiyang Technology, which has been making unremitting efforts to pursue its dreams. enterprise.