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Yiyang Science and Technology R&D Center has more than 40 R&D personnel and has specialized R&D personnel for key technologies such as systems, machinery, electrics, and spindles. At the same time, approved by the Zhuozhou Dr. Workstation and other innovative practice bases, established extensive cooperation with famous universities and scientific research institutes such as Xi'an Jiaotong University and Zhejiang University, and continuously improved the level of scientific research and innovation. Since its establishment, the company has obtained more than 30 inventions, utility model patents and software copyrights.

Core Technology 1: High-end numerical control system, billion foreign technology and world-renowned companies, a number of universities and scientific research institutions work together to develop a world-leading high-end CNC system with its own brands and core technologies. The high-end numerical control system is different from the general numerical control machine tool controller, which is mainly reflected in higher control precision, more complex motion laws and more flexible and scalable system structure, enabling Yiyang's high-end CNC equipment to truly realize Chinese CNC machine tools. "Brain" and "body" are united.

Core Technology II: High-end CNC machining equipment, independent development of high-end numerical control equipment, practical applications and upgrades, the main product series are:
(1) High-speed, high-precision drilling, milling and tapping center series;
(2) High-speed and high-efficiency vertical machining center series;
(3) High-speed, high-precision linear motor subtle gantry machining center series;
(4) High-speed bridge machining center series;
(5) High-speed horizontal machining center series;

Core Technology III: With world-leading, precise, and precise inspection instruments and equipment, the introduction of Renishaw's advanced XL80 dual-frequency laser interferometer, QC20 ballbar, speed detector, noise detector, and insulation withstand voltage Advanced instruments and equipment such as testers and American online balancing instruments provide internationally recognized, authoritative and persuasive inspection data, and steadily increase the quality and technical level of high-end CNC equipment and machining products.

Institutional R&D application tools:
       Yiyang R&D engineers use professional finite element analysis software to perform static stress and natural frequency simulation and analysis on the overall structure of the machine tool to obtain the overall structural rigidity, vibration frequency, and other characteristic data of the machine tool, and optimize and design new products based on this. At the source to ensure that the product has a very high processing performance and reliability.